Green & Hygiene Care Facility Management Solutions, a Humble beginning in the year 2014. The journey started with specialized services and gradually evolved into a comprehensive Integrated Specialized One-Window facility Solutions.

Green & Hygiene Care Facility Management Solutions, Pioneers in imported advanced Mechanical Techniques in India for One-time Specialized Services. The achievement has been a delighted one because of the satisfied & growing Clientís base.We have acquired goodwill especially in Corporate & IT /Non IT Sectors, Star Hotels,Factories,Industries that stands out for one of the premium quality services.

Green & Hygiene Care Facility Management Solutions, itís core principles of the company is to provide value for Clientís with strict adherence to all statutory compliances. The management is committed to the well being of the employees and plays an important role in providing career growth opportunities to them.

Green & Hygiene Care Facility Management Solutions, whereby itís successful past is meeting up with its past spectacular experience & going ahead future heading one of the leading nationís top Integrated One-Window facility Solutions along with achieving ethical business practices and continuing to be one of the most trusted name in Industry..

We cater the following list of Expertise Onetime as well as Annual Contract for Specialized Services:

  • Mechanized Carpet as well as Chair, Sofa & Partitions Upholstery Shampooing/Cleaning Solutions.
  • Entire Range of Washroom Care. i.e. (Micro Aerosol Dispenser, Soap Dispensers, Hand Dyers, Odour Control Dispensers,Urninal Odour/Water Screens, Hand wash, Tissue Papers, Garbage Bags, Washroom Seat papers as well sanitizers as well C fold fold entire range of Tissue papers.)
  • Entire range of Dustbins for appropriate waste disposal as per Colour code as well as Industrial norms.
  • Entire Project Care, Partition Cleaning & Deep Cleaning Solutions.
  • Floor Care Scrubbing Solutions.
  • Home Care includes Deep Cleaning of living room, kitchen, study room, bed room, washroom & internal glasses/external cleaning of electrical fitting.
  • Deep Cleaning Solutions from wall to wall including work stations,cabines,meeting/conference rooms,lobbies, receiption,washrooms ,common areas,staircases & internal glasses/ external cleaning electrical fitting .
  • Feminine & Hygiene Care Solutions wherein replacing linners, sanitising units & collecting & clearing the used sanitary waste on Monthly/Forthnightly bases.

Why Green & Hygiene Care Facility Management Solutions?

  • Inhouse Trained Employee aswell as Backgroud Security Checked.
  • Low Attrition ratio aswell as Immediate Back up/Reliever Support if needed.
  • Insurance / risk covered.
  • Value for Money considering best product within the Industry.
  • Insurance / risk covered.